Introducing Myself

January 21, 2010 openheartedgirl

Hello world, My name is Open Hearted Girl, I decided to start this blog one dark cold night as I lay awake in bed, sorting irrationally through the cobwebs of which I had garnered prudently during my waking hours.  It was 3:00 am I believe, at least thats what the clock on the night stand flashed as I climbed into bed for the third time that evening. Anxiously fascinated with the speculation “was I the only soul in this twisted world awake.” Better yet, what could bring such anguish to a seemingly methodical spirit? Was it money or lack of money, oh yes that will keep even the prudent bodies awake at night. Divorce, falling out of love, arguments with family, friends, issues with our children, job loss, maybe even celebrating another birthday, the realization that you too are getting older, not only your children and your parents but you, yourself. The fear of not being able to embrace a youthful zest for life. Is forty-five really middle age?  Is middle age really a time when we look upon our existence and take note of the things we did not do. The dreams we let pass us by, where are they? How do we get these visions back? Were these notions really important? Tell me, what do you think? What keeps you awake at night? Tell me about your hopes and fears, what rocks your sole and renders who you are and who you will become?


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